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Inkyu Basu is one of the many students who currently attend Akademi High School.


Inkyu has pink hair in long pigtails held by fluffy black scrunchies. She wears aqua blue, cat-like contact lenses. She also wears the default school uniform unless customized by the player. Her eyeshadow is light blue with a bit of pink, and her lipstick is light pink. Her bust size is 1.


Inkyu is a Social Butterfly. She will happily pose for a picture if the player tries to take a picture of her. If she sees a corpse or sees a homicide, she will run to the rooftop and call the police. She cannot fight back, unless the player kills Sakyu.


At 7:05 AM, Inkyu goes to school. She walks to her locker at 7:10 AM and changes shoes. At 7:15 AM, she walks to the rooftop and talks with her sister Sakyu. Oka stalks the both of them the entire time.

At 8:00 AM, Inkyu goes to class. She starts class at 8:30 AM, and leaves to go to the rooftop to eat lunch with Sakyu on the bench at 1:10 PM.

Inkyu walks back to class again at 1:30 PM and finishes class at 3:30 PM. She then heads to her locker and changes shoes, and then she walks home.


Sakyu Basu

Sakyu is her older twin sister and she enjoys spending time with her. As they are very close, if the player kills Sakyu in front of Inkyu, she will attack the player with the same strength as a martial arts master. If her Sakyu is murdered or goes missing, Inkyu will mourn for her on the rooftop.

Oka Ruto

Inkyu and Sakyu are watched everyday by Oka, in a search for evidence that they are supernatural beings: Inkyu, a vampire, and Sakyu, a succubus.